CIJN Exclusive: Juan Guaido Interview

Venezuela’s Juan Guaido broke a two-year moratorium on interviews from Caracas with all media outlets. On August 13, 2020 Juan Guaido gave his first interview to CIJN from an undisclosed location in Caracas, Venezuela.

During the 40-minute interview, Mr. Guaido addressed the obstacles ahead for a transition to democracy, amidst the country’s economic collapse and a pandemic that has redefined the stage.

“It’s been two years now that I haven’t been allowed to go on television, not even radio, because they shut down the radio! Those spaces are important to communicate.” Guaido exclaimed.

Silence on Both Sides of the Gulf

More than a year after 2 boatloads of migrants reportedly sank

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Newspaper originally published Sunday 25th May 2020

The last time Ana Arias saw her daughter was on a Sunday night more than a year ago. Late on April 14, 2019, two teenaged girls came to her home and asked to speak with 15-year-old Luisiannys Betancourt. Dressed in home clothes and slippers, the girl left with Unyerlin Vásquez, 16 and her 17-year-old cousin, Omarlys Velásquez to visit a relative nearby. They made a brief stop at Unyerlin’s home. Her mother, Amarilis Velásquez, said Luisiannys was introduced as a friend from high school.