The High Cost of Subsidised Electricity

Trinidad and Tobago’s 1.4 million citizens are about to learn how decades of subsidized electric rates are going to cost them dearly. The twin-island republic’s once abundant supply of natural gas has been used to generate electricity for residential, business and industrial customers at far below market prices. 

Beginning in the 1970’s, successive governments discounted Trinidad’s electricity costs to everyone. It proved incredibly popular among voters. Today, it is being sold to residential customers at a mere US$ 0.05 per kWh.  That lowest tier price is among the cheapest rates in the world. There have been unwanted consequences as the subsidies distorted the markets.

Geothermal Energy: A Possibility or A Wasted Venture

A Viable Solution For Economic And Energy Sustainability In Dominica

Measuring 46 kilometres in length, the Caribbean Nation of Dominica is a volcanic island with nine dormant volcanoes, mountain streams, rivers, waterfalls, densely forested areas, large geothermal reservoirs, and a population of about 72,000. Dominica is optimistically exploring geothermal energy and constructing a 10 MW geothermal power plant by the beginning of the year 2025. However, some residents of Roseau Valley and Laudat have expressed safety concerns regarding the geothermal project’s impact on the island’s volcanic activity. They are concerned about the damage to tourist attractions in the Roseau Valley. Residents say they are also not clear about the status of an Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Technical Study submitted to the Physical Planning Division for approval.