Jamaica Civic Space



In Jamaican culture and especially through reggae music, the country is known for the struggle to protect peoples’ rights. Jamaica has always been a pioneer for freedom, having fought to rid South Africa of apartheid. The term Civics is said to have derived from the Latin word ‘civicus’ which means ‘relating to a citizen’. In the Jamaican space, it’s perceived as unwritten moral guidelines which teach persons how to navigate the social space. Civics focuses on imparting knowledge about rights – human and fundamental – personal responsibility, acceptable behaviour and mores, national awareness, the duties of the citizen and the functioning of the democratic nation.

Bucknor - A Volatile Clarendon Community Transitions From Violent Past

From the heart of the Bucknor community, the echoes of a turbulent past linger. Once notorious for violence and discrimination, the streets that were shrouded in fear are now the stage for a remarkable transformation. Residents’ voices carry stories of resilience, testaments of a collective struggle to break free from a cycle of despair and a determination to reclaim their community. “This community was pure bush. Only two of us lived here, now houses being are being built and people looking for land to buy,” shares resident of Bucknor for over 40 years, Lynford Thomas.

“Not an easy Road!”- Jamaica’s Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project

Jamaica’s Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project, SCHIP, is being touted as the country’s largest integrated road infrastructure project. The multi-billion dollar investment is being implemented by the Andrew Holness-led government, under the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation with co-funding from the China Exim Bank. 

The project commenced in January 2017, and is slated to be completed in the first quarter of 2025. 

The flagship project is being executed in three tranches: Part A – May Pen to Williamsfield; Part B (ii) – Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge; and Part B (iii and iv) – Yallahs Bridge to Port Antonio and Morant Bay to Cedar Valley. The objective is to enhance the alignment and capacity of the existing southern coastal main arterial road, making it safer and more efficient for motorists to traverse. However, Part B (ii) – Harbour View to Yallahs Bridge of the project has been characterized by inordinate delays, poor community relations and a dust nuisance that has made life almost unbearable for residents of several communities, especially those living closest to the work site. Residents have been angered by the poor state and maintenance of the temporary roadway created to facilitate commuting.