CIJN Launches Documentary on Citizenship By Investment

Across the world, Citizenship by Investment Programmes have come under increased scrutiny due to concerns of transparency and accountability. What is clear is that they are a necessary aspect of the economic survival of the Caribbean nations that offer them. This special presentation explores how they operate, the concerns around them and the difference it makes in the lives of the people of the Caribbean region.

This documentary is the pilot for Caribbean Canvas and is titled, “Caribbean Canvas – Golden Passports, The Investigation.”

Special Reports

The Media Institute of the Caribbean recently hosted a series of online training sessions for journalists in Dominica and Barbados. The project was supported by Internews and addressed the gaps identified in their recent Information Ecosystem Assessment. Fellowships were offered to journalists to undertake special reports from both islands. These stories were developed as part of that training programme and CIJN is pleased to present these stories to our audiences as part of our initiative to highlight the work of Caribbean journalists. 

Regional Perspectives on COVID Relief in the Caribbean

Expert Analyses

An unprecedented collaboration led by the Media Institute of the Caribbean has brought together leading Caribbean journalists, researchers, and development experts in a project to monitor government expenditure of external financing of pandemic efforts in 14 countries of the region.  The project will produce regular reporting on governmental best practice in the areas of procurement processes, and efficiencies, transparency, and accountability in the state sector. This special section gives regional perspectives on some of the key findings.